Online Presence Management Questions, Answered— Teacher Edition

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Answers to online presence management questions for teachers getting started in business


Online Presence Management Questions, Answered

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Everyday, my notification streams are flooded with emails, articles, and episodes that answer questions about establishing a solid presence online. When a teacher decides to try his hand at starting a business, he wants to know how to establish his online presence. The brother wants to know how to raise awareness about his venture so that people can know what he has to offer. And he is trying to figure out how to get customers; how to get people to buy his offering without coming across in a bad light.

Chances are, you probably have these same types of questions. You have probably even spent time reading up on the subject, taking courses, consuming audio and video programs, trying to get answers. Problem is, the information is all over the place, right?

For example, just pop on to any online marketing forum and ask the question: What should I do first to establish my online presence and get new customers?