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Online Presence Jump Starter for Teachers

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Establish an online presence with the help of an EdCopy Listing Builder


Online Presence Jump Starter for Teachers

presented by EdCopy

Your Listing Builder is the person who operates the listings management tool for your EdCopy account. Often you will hear other terms used interchangeably, such as business listing solutions, local listing management, or local search engine optimization. However, generally these other words are considered part of the overall topic of findability and online presence management.

History of the Online Presence Jump Starter for Teachers

The online presence ideas behind EdCopy first started gaining popularity in 2000, when LiveJournal, DeadJournal, Xanga, and Tripod were helping one high school youth carve his place into his school's social culture. At that time, very few people were aware of online presence for education spaces, and even fewer were using it to support the day-to-day operations of a school-life startup hobby.

However, by 2005, online presence was starting to become more and more well-known, especially among EdTech early adopters and influencers circles. At this time, having an online presence was also starting to be considered the norm for personal-life and of growing importance for career-life. That's when online presence started getting broken down into the core faculties that an EdCopy Listing Builder uses today, including those that make up the Listing Builder Jump Start.

Today, crafting and managing an online presence has changed from being one of the hobbies of a high school youth on an Internet playground to becoming a foundational pillar within the EdCopy business playbook. To a large extent, the Listing Builder approach to online presence was influenced by observing the attention to detail it takes to attract guests from all over the world by creating thematic, immersive, world class experiences.

In addition, a lot has been learned about managing an online presence over the years due to the large number of dedicated internet users whose search, social, and spending behaviors online have helped ensure that anyone can make progress doing business in education spaces with a well-maintained online presence. Most notably:

  • How people find education business listings

  • Where people find education business listings

  • What people do when they find education business listings

  • What people think about inaccurate business listings

  • How to drive traffic to a website

Overview of the Online Presence Jump Starter for Teachers

As mentioned above, by 2005, managing an online presence was starting to be understood in terms of its potential to help forward-thinking business-minded teachers get found, gain traffic, and grow revenue in the online marketplace. Today, most teachers who link up with a Listing Builder will address these topics separately so that they will have an easier time learning about what to do with the results.


Understand how your business is performing on Google Search and Maps. A Listing Builder gives you a valuable glimpse into the work that jump starts your online presence. A Listing Builder reports to you about activity like:

  • How people find where you are listed online.

  • Where people find you when they search using Google

  • What people do once they find your listing

Listing Sync

Being listed accurately helps search engines find your business listing online. This, in turn, helps people find you, too. A Listing Builder takes on the responsibility of performing a Listing Sync for you.

With a Listing Sync, your Listing Builder creates and sustains an accurate business listing on a network of seventy-something-odd listing sites. The Listing Builder who performs your Listing Sync can also:

  • Sync your business listing to Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Generate and fix business listings that have errors.

  • Show you how to make unlimited updates to your own listings from one place.

  • Help you protect your listings from changes by third parties.

Listing Distribution

A Listing Builder can also perform a Listing Distribution. Listing Distribution allows you to build accurate business listings on the four major data aggregators— Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup and Neustar/Localeze.

These aggregators are referenced by three hundred-something-plus sites. As a result, Listing Distribution helps you:

  • Improve the likelihood that people can find you in local searches and potentially do business with you.

  • Fix inaccurate business information where it is the most problematic.

  • Broaden your reach and boost your visibility online.

My Listing

With My Listing, you can easily create a mobile-responsive business listing that is optimized for local search. A Listing Builder can show you how to use this customizable listing to:

  • Drive traffic to a place where people can do business with you.

  • Display your business/office hours and contact information in spaces that makes it easier for people to reach you.

  • Design and share coupons to generate new revenue.

In Conclusion

For teachers, managing a professional online presence the idea of directory listings was not always the way we see it today. Indeed, just twenty or so years ago, the idea of hiring an online presence listing builder was really in its infancy. However, thanks to improvements in search engines, education, and ecommerce ecosystems online, our understanding and appreciation for teachers establishing a solid online presence has progressed over the years.

Now today you can, you can reach more people with the knowledge and skills you have acquired during and help more people learn what you have learned. Just work with a Listing Builder who will guide you in the appropriate way.



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