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Tools for School Administrators | Help Your Teachers Make Better Decisions

Solving the Indecision Dilemma: Helping Teachers Make Better Decisions Will Ultimately Improve Student Learning


"Pigeon Indecision" is a short fable with self-reflection questions (pdf). This story was written for school administrators to use as a tool to help lead their teachers in making decisions with confidence.




Short fable with self-reflection questions written for school administrators to use as a tool to help lead their teachers in making decisions with confidence.


Introducing "Pigeon Indecision" portable document format (pdf) download that will have you thinking about your own decisions and how you can be better at making them. Short and interesting, this powerful little fable about how to make decisions with confidence will help you tell your teachers how to make the right decisions.


Imagine what it would be like to...


  • spark curiosity and creative insight through a fable about decision-making
  • help your teachers and staff re-evaluate their decision-making processes; and to teach school leaders how to lead professional development sessions that prompt deeper thinking and problem solving on your campus
  • lead the school that illustrates what can happen when teachers have the courage to step into their professional successes, failures, and growth opportunities
  • make a difference in the way people approach their day-to-day roles that leads to more effective decision-making by educators and better performance for students
  • improve relationships among teachers and staff, build up your campus community, and increase the joys of working together
  • make your school a better place in which to learn and grow...


Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.


You CAN with this very short story.


We can all identify with the feeling of indecision. When it feels like you have too many choices, or no clear best choice, you begin to feel frustration and your decision-making ability is likely to suffer.


That's why you're going to love "Pigeon Indecision".


"Pigeon Indecision" tells the story of a pigeon, who with the help of his friend, a hummingbird name Big Dog, makes progress on his struggles with indecision


Meaning you can provide teachers with a tool to encourage critical reflection and personal change.


Do your staff overthink, overanalyze, and show themselves to be afraid to commit?


Leave your teachers and administrators with some food for thought — as well as tangible strategies that they can use immediately in their classrooms and around the school building


Do you ever wish you handled moments of indecision in your life better?


Create a teaching unit around it and use the fable to start a dialogue among educators and students about decision-making


You don't have to struggle with your decision-making skills all by yourself. A little help from Peetey Pigeon, an indecisive pigeon just trying to make it in a challenging world, can go a long way in helping you make positive decisions that lead to success.


In "Pigeon Indecision", you'll discover that it may be more important to choose a path than to find the correct path.


This story is all about choosing a path and then flying down it. It’s about the importance of committing to something and taking action. The story is about two birds, one who can’t make up its mind and the other who just wants to see his friend grow.


If You can read

You Can lead productive professional development sessions around the topic of decision-making


Pigeon Indecision is incredibly easy to use, even if you suffer from indecision in various aspects of your life..


Pigeon is like us. We can relate to his indecision, fear of failure, and lack of confidence.


WITH Pigeon Indecision, YOU'LL GET:


  • A simple story to remember so you can use this short fable as a tool for leading your teachers in making decisions with confidence
  • Pigeon Indecision is a short of story but also includes self-reflection questions to facilitate discussion
  • A low-cost addition to your better student achievement toolkit — can't beat that!
  • Useful in all learning contexts and levels, for teachers, administrators, school leaders, and students interested in decision-making and decision-making tools.
  • Help teachers reflect on their own teaching as they try to pinpoint why they make decisions the way they do
  • Assess your decision-making style and create thoughtful, well-reasoned solutions within areas for growth
  • Adaptable to different settings and populations
  • Encourages you to stop over-thinking and makes it easier for you to come to resolutions more decisively
  • Provide your school leaders with simple, meaningful, and effective tools that help your teachers think critically about their instructional practices
  • The concept is simple, yet powerful: be on a mission to make confident decisions easier for educators


But that's not all...


Try "Pigeon Indecision", and you'll also receive a special bonus!


The audio version of "Pigeon Indecision" comes included and can be used in any setting where people need to be reminded to make decisions with confidence and zeal.


"Pigeon Indecision"



"Pigeon Indecision" is a fable about the challenges we all face as employees, leaders and managers when it comes to making decisions. As leaders, we struggle with who should be involved in each decision, how decisions should be made and how to make sure we get them right. How can we make sure that individuals are communicating clearly across silos? How do we stop fearing failure when it comes to making decisions? How can we all take accountability for our own decisions? While the story is fictitious, the process it touches on is real — and is a forward step to making more intentional choices to cut through the chaos; to make important choices by focusing on what really matters; to be more productive.


"Pigeon Indecision"

Early Bird Price: $2.99


Because "Pigeon Indecision" seeks early bird customer feedback, it's available at a discounted rate for a limited time.


Buy the PDF directly from our website to lock in the Early Bird Price before the rate goes up to its regular price!





Pigeon Indecision | a dove tale

$5.99 Regular Price
$2.99Sale Price
  • We wrote "Pigeon Indecision: a dove tale" as a fable. We developed it to provoke readers to think about their own decision-making process, and to help educators lead productive professional development sessions around the topic.


    The pigeon's experience of indecision, self-doubt, and emptiness is certainly recognizable. In telling the story of Peetey Pigeon, we learn how decision-making can lead to success or failure, depending on whether we give up or go through with the tough decisions we face.


    In the end, "Pigeon Indecision" shows that it is possible to recognize your own problems and take steps to address them.


    This practical guided self-reflection for teachers and administrators provides discussion questions so that you can address decisions with your colleagues in your school community.

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