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Make math relevant to students' lives

Math is important

Math is important. We all know that. But for students, it can often seem dry and boring.

So, my question is, why not make math more fun?

Teachers are often stuck looking for ways to make the content more relatable to students’ lives.

Try making math education more interactive. Students often need more hands-on activities to help them understand concepts.

Think about new and exciting ways to use technology or digital resources. Learn about alternate formats of assessment, like video and or audio.

The most important thing we can do to help students develop a passion for math is to teach them how to problem solve and think mathematically, but for many students, math is not relevant to their lives. This makes it harder to get them excited about the subject.

So we give them a set of problems and answers, but some never really figure out how to find answers on their own.

Students will learn more and make more progress if you make math more relevant to their lives.

Read, listen, and talk to real young people about what it’s like to be a math student

Whenever you’re teaching, be sure to share examples. Use real-life examples from real young people you know to illustrate your points.

Some students can understand math better behind real-life examples. It’s a good idea, therefore, to choose examples that are influenced or changed by their day-to-day experiences.

Connect math concepts to other subjects. For example, when you are teaching math, you can use examples from history, current events, science, etc. This way, the children are not only learning math but are learning other subjects at the same time.

Take inspiration from anything that works, but be creative in your techniques

Many schools are not creating environments where students can be themselves, but when students feel appreciated for their contributions and when their classmates are actively involved in the classroom process, students are more likely to succeed.

Make learning and applying new math concepts fun so students will relate better, feel connected, and want to learn more.


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