Make a better introduction at your next class meeting

You hate to see it. Another lesson, another daydream.

Teachers are presenters. Keep this in mind. In classes, meetings, trainings, and beyond teachers present. Let's talk about classes.

They can go either way. Some teachers present so well that, when the bell rings, students wonder where the time goes. Other teachers have students waiting impatiently for forever's boredom to end.

Look around. You see it. Kids fakeworking on phones. Going to restrooms they know they don't have to use.

For teachers, presentation is an almost-daily occurrence and, since we do it so much, we sometimes take the skill for granted.

As familiarity breeds contempt, a teacher's familiarity with standing before his audience leads him to settle. A nondescript "Alright, class. Today we're going to talk about..." is how he starts each day. Cue cellphoners and hallway roamers.

Next class session, replace the nondescript approach with something better.

These three reminders will help you make better introductions anytime you step before the class.