Is your teaching meaningful?

Updated: Feb 10

How to make teaching effective

Every time they come to the school, you're at the school in the classroom teaching up all the learning targets, but does it matter?

Does your teaching accomplish its learning targets? You're not in class bumping off at the gums for no reason, are you?

School systems consider teaching to be done right, when it's aligned to targeted learning objectives and when student achievement grows. Without those, you're just proficient.

Here's the thing. Good teaching not only improves student performance, but it also reveals other learning areas that need treatment. So, what makes teaching effective?

Effective teaching makes meaningful experiences

Simplified, teaching is sharing information so that it can be used for something related.

Teaching what you teach, and doing it how you do it, that's all good. However you teach it, you want students to see your instruction as valuable. It has to have meaning t