How to stop disruptive classroom behaviors

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Disruptive behavior in the classroom is a teacher’s nightmare. It wreaks havoc and puts a damper on classroom learning, never mind all the extra time it takes up. This kind of behavior might seem like a mystery to solve, but it’s not. There are strategies you can use to deal with it and avoid situations that could lead to disruptive classroom behavior in the future.

Solving the problem of out-of-control classroom behavior

Classroom management is one of the most challenging parts of teaching. If you can’t manage your class, nothing else matters. The best way to manage your class is to understand your students and what motivates them. You can’t expect to control your class if you don’t know what motivates them.

When a child misbehaves in a classroom, a teacher cannot simply ignore it. The behavior must be addressed and corrected.