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How to get your students to help clean up the classroom

How to Get Your Students to Help Clean Up the Classroom: 4 Lessons on Classroom Management

Blog Intro: If you're a teacher, you know the struggle of having to get your students to help clean up the classroom. It's a daily battle that can leave you exhausted and wondering why you ever decided to become an educator in the first place. But there's a way out.

This article will share four lessons that have been proven time and time again in classrooms across the world — and they work every time.

1. Acknowledge that you need help and let students take ownership of their classroom

2. Make your students an offer they can't refuse: make it rewarding for them to clean up and maintain a clean classroom

3. Have students help set up the classroom instead of just taking it down

4. Create a routine for classroom clean-up that makes it easy for everyone to know when to put things away and get out.

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