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A History of Social Marketing

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Social media marketing from the early 2000s to now


Social Marketing — From 2000 to Today

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Social marketing is the use of social media networks and other online platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand and business reputation. It is all about using your social media accounts to communicate with your target audience as often as possible, either to promote products or services or contact people who could be potential customers. Often, you will hear other terms used interchangeably, such as digital marketing or social media marketing. However, generally, these other terms are considered to be part of the overall topic of managing an online presence.

History of Social Marketing

Social marketing first started gaining popularity in the early 2000s. Very few teachers were aware of social marketing at that time, and even fewer were using it to promote their teacher-led businesses and interact with customers and potential customers.

However, as time continued, social marketing was becoming more and more well known, especially among companies and brands advertising their products and services. At this time, social marketing was also starting to become much more than just advertising. This is when social marketing started getting broken down into other core components that we know of today, including offering ways for businesses to interact with their customers, helping to popularize certain topics, and creating new avenues to generate leads.

Today, social marketing has become a big deal. As more businesses and brands rely on social media in order to grow their user base, more teachers with entrepreneurial aspirations find themselves asking questions about how they can best take advantage of it. To a large extent, this increase in social marketing significance was influenced by the emergence of several social networking sites as important tools for companies and their developments regarding the ways they are helping businesses connect with their audiences on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we have learned a lot about social marketing over the years, due to the large number of dedicated marketers, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers. Most notably:

  • Ashley Ann Jones (King Ashley Ann) is a brilliant business builder extraordinaire. She is capable of helping you build your social media lead generation, sales, and marketing strategies. Through her expertise, she has helped many people build their social media platforms, making them more efficient and profitable. Offices in Little Rock, Arkansas and Dallas, Texas

  • Billy Gene Shaw (Billy Gene Is Marketing) is a top-tier social media expert and marketing consultant. His one-of-a-kind online courses teach the skills, principles, strategies, and techniques that help businesses get profitable ROI from their digital marketing activities. Billy Gene teachers the most important skill of business— how to "turn clicks into customers", or lead conversion. Office in San Diego, California

  • Brother Ben X (BWO Academy), a student of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, is on a mission to give life to the dead mentally, spiritually, and economically. He is committed to inspiring others to achieve passive income by making positive personal changes and by bettering the lives of others. Office in Dallas Metroplex, Texas

  • CiCi Gunn (The Six Figure Chick) was diagnosed with cancer and was not able to work. She turned this into motivation, launching her own juice business as a way to replace her income while she recovered. As the business grew, clients became interested in how exactly her business replaced her salary several times over, and so "The Six Figure Chick" was born, where she has taught others how to use social media for their own business needs— to create stable income and earn profits. AlCyone "CiCi" Gunn passed away 14 August 2020, after which her family continued operations of The Six Figure Chick business. Office in Montgomery, Alabama

  • Mahdi Woodard (100K Campaign) is a marketing and brand strategist by trade. After leaving corporate, having led innovation and brand equity for several global, multi-million dollar companies, he started the 100K Campaign— a digital learning community helping entrepreneurs and small business, working toward their first six figures, build sustainable enterprises. Office in Atlanta, Georgia

Overview of Components: Advertisements, Interactions, Conversations, and Leads

As mentioned above, by the time social marketing had become more well-known among businesses, it was starting to be understood in terms of what it meant not only for just advertising, but also for the opportunities to interact with customers, popularize certain topics, and creating new avenues to generate leads. Today, most instructors and experts will address these topics separately so that students and others who are interested in using social marketing as a tool for your education business and connecting with an audience of customers will have an easier time doing so.

Social marketing is a way to get leads: Gathering leads must be done correctly. Lead generation is a process of connection with potential customers and earning their trust prior to them making a purchase.

Social marketing can be used for on-topic conversations: On-topic conversations lead to sales, but don't confuse discussions with sales. While building a community of admirers is a thing, the greater intention of using social media as a tool is to build a sales machine into your social marketing.

It's not about content. It's about interactions: Social media is an engagement channel, so interactions using social media are not mass, but rather, personalized. The best applied use of social marketing builds a network of customer relationships.

Advertisements play a key function in social marketing: Advertising online can be very expensive, but it can also convert your high-quality leads into paying customers. Bring a mix of promotional methods together and create powerful advertising campaigns for your education business.

In conclusion

Social marketing wasn't always the way we see it today. Indeed, just twenty years ago, social marketing was really in its infancy. However, thanks to the emergence of several social networking sites and their impact in helping businesses connect with their audiences on an ongoing basis, our understanding and appreciation for social marketing has really progressed over the years.

Now today, by using social media as a tool in the appropriate way, you can connect with potential customers, build trust with them by facilitating the right conversations, engage them with personalized interactions, and convert them into paying customers.



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